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LAMP develops custom websites from the ground up. We create unique back-end processing software, and responsive layouts for a mobile audience.
We can work with any hosting solution you would like, and our Full Stack Website Development currently consists of PHP 5.6, MySQL 14, Bootstrap 3, Apache 2.4, JQuery 2.1.
Websites we host run on any number of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS virtual machines.

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  • Star Seed is a high volume distributor of seed and seed mixes.

    Our content management system allows Star Seed to fully manage their catalog of products so they can take control of their business and focus on sales. With our help their custom mix calculator took sales from the spreadsheet to the internet.

  • Hasty Awards is a high volume distributor of custom awards.

    With the help of our custom trophy builder, customers can create a unique award that is theirs alone, and our database management makes sure their customers' custom order is right every time.

  • Jeff's Keys is a locksmith and security supply distributer.

    Sometimes the simplest thing can make everything easier. This database portal tracks inventory and imports XML product lists. Jeff's Keys saves time and tracks inventory without having to enter new manufacturer items manually.

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