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LAMP uses a number of systems to ensure your network is stable and your data is secure and backed up. We can install a complete hardware setup, setup a VPN on an existing network, retool your old network, and anything inbetween.
Network Installation and Administration is an art and a science. Below are a few of the most important aspects of the business network we can install for you.

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  • Data Security

    Your business runs on data. Your contact list, your important documents, your operating system itself: it all needs to work or you can't.
    One solution to this problem is a network attached storage (NAS), and we can get you setup.
    A product that most of our clients use is made by a company named Synology
    This magic box can backup your data all in one place, and rebuild it when a disk inevitably fails, meaning you keep all your data.
    We also offer cloud based backup solutions and custom in house backup solutions, contact us for details of your particular situation and we can get your data secured.

  • Privacy

  • Functionality

  • Scalability

  • Communication

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